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Ojayballoons balloon garland

We turn your dream into a reality

Our Services

Wprovide end-to-end balloon decor services for any occasion in Surrey and the Lower Mainland.  We are a customer-focused company, and we enjoy working closely with our clients right from the ideation phase to creation and delivery to ensure that their dreams are brought to reality. Our specialty include: 

Balloon Garlands

Starting from $20/ft (3 colors 2 sizes - 5" and 11")

For an organic look- starting from $25/ft (3 colors 3 sizes - 5", 11" and 17")

Extra fees for foils, orbz, butterflies.


Grab 'n' Go Balloon Garlands

Starting from $18/ft 2 - 3 colors

Installation not included, however, this is easy to hang or attach to a wall with a couple of command hooks

Extra fees for foils, orbz, butterflies.


Balloon Columns

Basic starting from $80

Deluxe columns starting from $125.

Various designs are incorporated into them.

Extra fees for foils, orbz, butterflies.

Stuffed Balloons

Bring your gifts

Plain 18” latex with 4-5 5” inside $35.

$5- $10 for foil on top

Printed 18” latex $40.

$5- $10 for foil on top

*Shopping for you will attract extra charges.*

Bobo Balloon Arrangement

These start at $60 and builds up with the additional foils and designs added.

Balloon Table Centerpieces

Starts from $25- $55

Helium Balloons

11” latex - $5

17” latex - $15

36” latex- $85

18” foil- $10

Jumbo foil number- $20

Jumbo foil letters- $25

Comes with weights/ribbon


Vinyl Personalization

Starts from $20

*Delivery, set-up/take down services available for extra charge.*


Round arch: $70

Panel board: $80

Approximately 20ft arch: $80

Other items available.  Please ask us.

*Refundable damage deposit required.*

Personalized T-shirt Printing

For children, starting from $20

For adults, starting from $25


Balloon Arrangements

We specialize in creating memorable experiences for you and your loved ones through our unique balloon decor.  Feel free to visit our gallery to get some inspiration. If you need assistance with your selection, we would love to help. 



Rent balloon stands, arches, props and more from us at affordable prices.  We also partner with local party vendors and have an extensive event management contact list that you can benefit from. We would love to partner with you.


Personalized T-shirts

Order eye-catching matching outfits for your event via our custom t-shirt printing service.  We have different t-shirt sizes and colors, and we cater for a wide range of graphic designs to make your occasion extra special. 

Our Policy

Ojayballoons uses only the highest quality balloons on the market. Our latex balloons are 100% biodegradable. All orders are prepared a few days in advance to ensure that they are ready to go on the day of collection or delivery.  Once balloon collection has taken place, the customer becomes responsible for the care of the balloons.


How To Care for Your Balloons

Keep balloon away from direct sunlight, warm places and sharp objects.

Helium/air-filled balloons expand in warm/hot temperatures, so are at risk of bursting. They also deflate in cold temperatures if left out for too long.

Balloons oxidize in warm/hot temperatures making them lose their original shinny look to a matte one.

Avoid very low temperatures, as they can affect the float time of the balloons.  Foils will go slightly softer if kept in cold temperatures for too long. Our helium balloons are treated with Hi-float to extend float time.


Please note: Balloons can be dangerous if not handled properly.  Keep away from small children and animals. Do not inhale helium from a balloon. Although Helium is not toxic or flammable, inhalation can result in asphyxiation (loss of  consciousness due to a lack of oxygen).

We do not encourage release of balloons into the environment.

Thank you for your continued support and have a wonderful celebration.

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